Babo the Winged Elephant

Babo The Winged Elephant

In a land far away, where the sky meets the earth,

Lived Babo, the elephant, who was known for his worth,

With wings so grand, he soared through the air,

And the creatures below, would stop and stare.

One day, an alien arrived on the scene,

A cruel creature, with eyes so mean,

He aimed to conquer and rule the land,

And put all the creatures under his command.

But Babo knew, this could not be right,

He couldn't let the alien take over the night,

So he spread his wings, and flew up high,

Determined to save the land, or at least try.

The alien was powerful, but Babo was strong,

He fought with all his might, all day long,

With his trunk, he struck the alien's core,

Sending him back to the stars, forevermore.

The creatures of the land, cheered with glee,

For Babo had saved them, and set them free,

He was a hero, with wings and a heart,

Who flew through the sky, and played his part.

Now, it's time to rest, and close your eyes,

Remember Babo, his strength and his size,

For in our dreams, we too can fly,

And be just like Babo, reaching for the sky.

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