Pota The Brave Mouse

Once upon a time, in a little mouse hole,

Lived a brave little mouse, with a big goal.

He had a dream to become a knight,

To protect his fellow mice, day and night.

He knew it was tough, he knew it was hard,

But he had the courage, he had the heart.

He trained every day, with his sword and shield,

He never gave up, he never did yield.

The other mice laughed, they thought it was funny,

A little mouse knight, it sounded so dunny.

But Pota was determined, he knew he could do it,

He kept on practicing, he never did quit.

One day, a cat came, with a fierce growl,

The other mice trembled, they wanted to howl.

But Pota stepped forward, with his sword in his hand,

He faced the cat, he took a brave stand.

The cat was surprised, he didn't expect this,

A little mouse knight, he thought it was amiss.

But Pota was fearless, he fought with all his might,

He defeated the cat, it was quite a sight.

The other mice cheered, they were proud of their friend,

The little mouse knight, who fought until the end.

Pota was happy, he had achieved his dream,

To become a knight, it was not as it seemed.

From that day on, Pota was respected and admired,

His courage and bravery, the other mice desired.

He was their protector, he was their brave little knight,

Pota, the mouse who never gave up the fight.

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