Pura The Little Savior

Pura The Little Savior


Once upon a time, in a jungle so green,

Lived Pura, the tiger, a sight to be seen,

With stripes so bright and a heart so pure,

She roamed through the forest, never unsure.

One day, a menace flew overhead,

Magno, the vulture, with feathers of dread,

He swooped down to cause chaos and strife,

Bringing fear to the creatures of life.

But Pura was brave, she stood up to the beast,

With a roar so loud, she challenged the feast,

Magno laughed, thinking he had it all won,

Little did he know, Pura was not done.

She pounced and she clawed, she fought with all her might,

And with one final blow, she won the fight,

The animals rejoiced, for Pura had saved the day,

From Magno's clutches, they were now safe to play.

And so, Pura became a hero in their eyes,

A symbol of courage, who never tells lies,

She showed that even the smallest can win,

With a heart full of love and a spirit within.

Now, close your eyes and drift off to sleep,

Remember Pura, her bravery we'll keep,

For in our dreams, we can be just like her,

Brave, strong, and kind, forever and ever.

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